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I have been collecting late 20th Century dowry quilts from the Sindh valley, Pakistan, for some years now. These quilts are colourful ,exurberant, instinctive ,vibrant and exquistely assembled. Made with love !This one espiecially ! Definately a festive one ,decorated with sequins and fine applique When a quilt is started the women of the house invite their neighbours to help and a group of them work together for a full day to layer the quilt (at least three layers) and sew in the tacking stitches so the family can then concentrate on their decorative embroidery.Three or four women will work on a quilt at the same time once they have finished their other work for the day.It is an integral part of the culture in this part of the world . As synthetic fabrics flooded the local markets, their vivid colours and cheap prices became more popular with the women and so their quilts ( made up from left over fabrics they used for their clothes) also became brighter !

Vintage Applique Sequin Quilt

  • -Handstiched/Appliqued/Vintage

    - Cotton/Synthetics

    -Dry clean




    Size: 216 cm x 154 cm.





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