Made from the most beautifully soft Indian cotton our nightwear ensures a great nights sleep, whilst also looking fabulous! Our nightwear range is designed by us and handmade in Jaipur, India; a region that specialises in hand block-printing techniques. Utilising the skills from this area we have produced a unique collection of vibrant designs exclusively sold here at Gallery196. 

The loose light cotton makes these dressing gowns perfect for summer (of course) but also brilliant for travelling!The sleeves on this style are straight making the piece rather chic in style !Those in the know love our dressing gowns.We have pjyamas ,nighties and another type of dressing gown in this pretty floral print too.

Pretty Floral Cotton Dressing Gown:Short

  • -Hand block printed

    - 100 % Cotton

    - Machine Wash 30

    - Made in India

  • One Size

    Full length : 100 cm