A crazy piece so full of life and vigor I couldnt resist it ! It was made, by that I mean embroidered ,embellished and stitched all by hand by the ladies of a tribal community in Gujarat .It would have been part of a dowry and its original purpose would have been to carry your goods in the pockets and sling it over a camels back ....It would have been made as part of the brides dowry. It is made of a mixture of cotton and synthetic fabrics in fabuolous bright colours ,the stylised imagery of the embroidery is full of auspicious symbolism .I bought it years ago from a famous textile dealer in Bhuj ,a lovely memory! It would make an outrageous cushion ,could be opened up down one side to be a throw or equally   great hanging over a sofa or indeed a wall ...

Size : 165 x 68cm 

Dry Clean Only


Rabari Camel Bag Blue /Pink