The most fabulous hand stitched kantha quilt by the Saami Faqir tribal people from Sindh,Pakistan. It is a very interesting mid 20century textile ,an extrodinarily vibrant print in a bold geometric.These fabrics are usually bought from the market at a cheaper price because there has been a fault in the screen print or something...perfect for embellishing and making into something quite extrodinary ! They finely stitch layers of fabric together ( a whole village makes one of these quilts) in different coloured threads ..starting from the middle and stitching their way towards the outer edges .

Large size would for the most part cover a double bed as a throw or would look equally fabulous hung on the wall ,a textile art piece .

Probably about 50 years old and would have been presented as part of the brides dowry. 

Size : 230cm x173cm 


Neon Pakistani Geometric Quilt

  • -Hand Stitched

    - 100 % Cotton

    - Machine  Wash

    - Made in Pakistan

  • Measurement : 180cmx220cm