We love these striking snake earrings, and that there is two variations! Take your pick from Long stretched out serpents or ones that are curl back on themselves creating a shorter drop. Handmade in Jaipur, India, in sterling silver with Gold plated option. 

Ancient Indians both feared and revered the snakes. The tradition still continues. Hindus worship snakes in temples as well as in their natural habitats, offering them milk, incense, and prayers. In Hindu ritual and spiritual tradition, a snake is not an evil creature but a divinity representing eternity as well as materiality, life as well as death, and time as well as timelessness. It symbolizes the three processes of creation, namely creation, preservation and destruction.


Fabulous Snake Drop Earrings

  • - Gold Plated Hoops; on 925 Sterling Silver base

    - Silver hoops; 925 Sterling Silver



  • - Sizes :

    Curly snake - approx 5cm Long 

    Stretched out snake- approx 8.5cm Long